Self-Care: How to Make the Most of Your Shower

Our lives are busier than ever. Even in the midst of COVID-19, our lives are somewhat hectic and stressful. Most of our time is spent in the shower to wash away the stress and anguish from the daily grind. Hydrated, soft and glowing skin begins with a good shower routine. Whether you shower first thing in the morning to start your day or right before bed to unwind, here are five self-care tips for an amazing shower experience.

1. Meditiate: Instead of turning your brain on, try turning your thoughts off and having a moment of Zen. Just close your eyes, feel the warm water against your skin, and breathe deeply. You’ll feel relaxed in no time!

2. Use A Relaxing Natural Soap: Another way to have an amazing shower experience is to use an all natural soap. Our Eucalyptus & Mist soap bar calms your body and mind while wrapping you in an indulgent and creamy lather.

3. Set the Mood: Dimming the lights in your bathroom or lighting a couple of candles will help you de-stress and relax. The flickering warm glow will help you take things down a notch.

4. Listen to Some Chill Music: Create your own playlist of your favorite relaxing songs or find a soothing soundtrack. You can even put on nature sounds which have been shown to help you de-stress. Checkout Bathsints Spotify Playlist for a quick groove.

5. Exfoliate: Exfoliating your body is key for removing dead skin cells and revealing your natural glow. So, don’t forget to do it year-round! Check out our energizing Pink Champagne Sugar Scrub for an extra, bubbly kick!


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